youth group rafting on the ocoee river

Youth Group Whitewater Rafting Trips

What better way give youth the chance to have fun and be themselves than setting out on an outdoor adventure? A youth group rafting trip on the Ocoee River is the perfect opportunity for an adventure filled day that will have kids out of their shells and having fun in no time. This outdoor adventure setting is the perfect catalyst for kids to feel confident in who they are and to build healthy connection with their peers in a fun and exciting way. Take a trip with Ocoee Inn Rafting for a fun growing experience your youth group will love!

Get outside

Getting kids outdoors is a great way to leave technology behind and step into the real world. Whatever a young person’s experience level with the outdoors, we all have an instinctual connection to nature that we can be reminded of or grow in. Rafting the Ocoee River will provide an opportunity for your youth group to:

  • Spend valuable time outdoors
  • Be themselves
  • Have fun on a new adventure

Being playful outside has a way of bringing out the best in all of us, and especially when we are having positive experiences in a group setting. On this rafting adventure, youth will feel more at ease to just be themselves and have fun with their peers. Rather than getting caught up in feelings of trying to “fit in”, your youth group will have a chance be their authentic selves and to create real bonds with one another in this experience.

Grow friendship and community

Having a fun and exciting rafting experience together can be a great icebreaking tool to help kids get to know one another, and strengthen bonds within your youth group. Group rafting is all about teamwork and collaboration and having an encouraging spirit. As you make your way down the river, your youth group will have the chance to practice creating a supportive environment for one another by cheering each other on while creating a lasting memory together.

Perfect for a variety of groups

With its focus on teamwork and supportive collaboration, a group rafting trip is a perfect bonding experience for:

  • Church youth groups
  • School sports teams
  • Boy & Girl Scout troops

Whatever type your youth group is, all are sure to benefit from this bonding experience. Taking part in group activities together like a rafting trip, cultivate a sense of positive culture in a group and strengthen relationships. Whether your group’s shared goal is to play better games, work toward gaining skills or just support each other in life, taking a group rafting trip is sure to bring your group closer together and improve a sense of unity.

Grow confidence

Navigating whitewater rapids in one of the most acclaimed rivers in the U.S is not a simple thing. By using skills of teamwork, listening to guidance and tapping into strength inside, it can be accomplished smoothly and with triumph. As your group makes its way through the rapids, youth will be able to:  

  • Feel a sense of empowerment
  • Grow confidence in their personal ability
  • Learn the power of teamwork

In whitewater rafting, you have to trust not only your own capabilities, but also in the efforts of other group members. Everyone has a part to play in a raft, and believing in your own strength is essential to the success of the raft as a whole. Youth will feel a sense of empowerment from this experience of maneuvering through powerful waters, and feel proud of the part they played in moving the raft successfully down the river on this thrilling adventure.   

A youth group whitewater rafting trip is a great opportunity to get kids outdoors, in their element, and have a fun experience of growth. This exciting adventure will serve as a wonderful bonding experience for your youth group and be a time to create lasting memories. Book your trip with Ocoee Inn Rafting today and get the adventure started!