Corporate Groups Whitewater Rafting Trips

Corporate Group Whitewater Rafting Trips – Ocoee River

Teamwork, communication, and a shared goal. These are all things essential to a successful work environment, and the same is true of a whitewater rafting trip on the Ocoee River. Setting out for a group rafting trip is an excellent opportunity for corporate team building and for creating stronger work relationships. On this outdoor adventure, team members will need to exercise teamwork, collaboration and trust with one another and are sure to have a lot of fun doing it!

What are the benefits of taking my team whitewater rafting?

Not only is taking an outing for group whitewater rafting a really fun way to spend time outdoors with coworkers, but there are so many ways you and your team can benefit from such an experience. This experience can serve as an effective and out of the box opportunity to grow as a creative unite, facilitate deeper connection as a team, and increase your success as a company.

Creative thinking

There is plenty of research out there that shows how great time outdoors is for the brain, and especially when paired with adventure. Adventure and playfulness in the outdoors greatly encourages creative thinking and can help generate new ideas. Just a few ways you may see your team benefit from a group rafting trip could be:

  • Boosted productivity in work
  • Increased creative problem solving
  • Brainstorming new ideas

Getting your brain in this creative mode can provide an opportunity to look at things from a new angle and to problem solve. If your work seems to be caught in a rut, or even if it’s great and you’d like to keep momentum going, a trip together on the river may provide a jumpstart to more effective and efficient work. With your team taking a fun leap and spending some time cutting loose in nature, who knows? You may just end up with some breakthrough ideas!


In order to be successful (and keep the raft upright) team members will have to work together to navigate the rapids. By listening to their guide and to one another, your team will be able to paddle in unison, and maneuver the raft effectively. Through this collaborative effort, your team will be able to:

  • Practice clear and effective communication
  • Gain mutual trust in coworkers
  • Experience the benefits and possibilities of teamwork

Cooperation is essential to keeping the raft on the right track, as well as cheering each other on with encouraging words is necessary for keeping up the team spirit. This experience of collaboration and encouragement is a great way to build trust among team members and strengthen the bond of your team through a time of stress release. Your rafting trip may prove to be a meaningful illustration of what can be accomplished when your team works together with a lighthearted and fun approach.


A shared adventure is a great way to create comradery and strengthen your bond as a team. This experience can not only build connection on an individual and team level, but also strengthen your company as a whole. As you take time to invest in your employees and have fun in the outdoors, you will create an environment where employees feel valued. As a result, your employees and company will benefit by:

  • Creating a positive work culture
  • Increasing employee retention
  • Strengthening working relationships

As your team spends this time together in a non-typical setting, coworkers will also have the chance to see each other in a different light. Engaging in a fun and adventurous activity like rafting creates an opportunity for team members to interact on a new level and grow in their understanding of one another as individuals. There is nothing like being part of a positive and unique experience with peers to draw a group closer together, and create memories to share for years to come. By building a stronger sense of community, you may increase the overall well-being of both your company and employees and enjoy success long term.

Let your corporate group adventure begin!

Setting out on a rafting adventure with coworkers may be the break your team needs to open the door for new degrees of teamwork, inspiration, and fresh ideas. Book your trip with Ocoee Inn Rafting today with great group rates, and begin your most exciting corporate outing yet!