Boat Slips FAQ

Here you will find answers to common questions about our boat slips and slip policies.

When do the Annual Contracts Begin?
April 1st each year.
Do you take checks?
Yes, only for those paying for the year up front or a month + of overnight slips.

Checks will not be accepted for nightly slips totaling less than 30 nights.

Is there a discount for paying cash/check versus credit card for annual contracts?
Yes.  The amounts will be listed on the contract for cash/check payment and credit payment.
May I combine different forms of payment to pay the full contract amount?
Yes.  You may use both cash/check and credit to complete your full payment however cash/check discounts will only be available to those paying the full amount with cash/check
What kind of insurance do I need on my boat?
Liability and Hull Recovery.  In the event your boat should sink the cost to raise and cleanup a spill will revert to you the boat owner.  Most insurance companies do not include Hull Recovery insurance quotes.  You will need to specifically ask to have this added.
Where can I launch my boat?
There is a boat ramp at the marina which is for slip holders only.  Annual contract lessees receive a key to the gate and may use it anytime for their boat during the contract season.   Friends and extended family must use the public boat ramps for their boats due to limited trailer parking at Lake Ocoee Marina.  The U.S. Forest Service operates and maintains 3 public ramps on Parksville Lake.  The launch fee is $3.00.
May I store my trailer at Lake Ocoee Marina?
No.  Only those launching their boat for the day may park their trailer in trailer parking.  Long term storage should be arranged elsewhere.
Are there bathrooms available?
Yes.  Public restrooms onsite.
Is there gas available?
Yes.  Lake Ocoee Marina carries 89 octane ethanol free gasoline year round.
Are there storage boxes available?
No.  Slip holders must store items within their slip and or on their boat.  Slip fingers adjacent to the walkways must be kept free of items for safety.
Is Parksville Lake a discharge lake?
No.  All sewage must go into a holding tank on the boat and be pumped into the sewage system.  All 30′-70′ have slip side pump-out availability.