A group enjoys paddle boarding in Ocoee, TN


What is Stand Up Paddleboard?

SUP is an acronym that stands for Stand Up Paddling and originated in Hawaii with the use of a surfboard and long paddle in the ocean.  Today this growing sport has evolved beyond just paddling the surf at the beach, to navigating rivers, flat water ponds and lakes. Riders stand with feet placed shoulder width apart and engage abdominal & leg muscles to keep the board stable.  A single blade paddle is used to propel the rider through the water and in turn provides a great upper body workout. Come see what this sport is all about.  For those who wish to challenge themselves, hop on one of the Bote boards and engage those core muscles.


  • $50 Deposit
  • $15 for first hour
  • $10 each additional hour

Note:  A valid driver’s license is required for all rentals.

Things you will need:

These items are available in our Marina Store

  • Swimsuit / Swim trunks
  • Towel
  • Waterproof Sunscreen
  • Signed waiver
  • Floating dry bag recommended for keys wallet etc.