Blake Condo

Blake Condo

What is the best part of the job?

Seeing the guest face change from nervous anticipation to a joyous delight as the trip progresses.

Why do you think people should go on a rafting trip?

Excitement and adventure while surrounded by natural beauty.

What is a fun fact about you?

I have been inside over 100 hydroelectric dams.

Why would I want you as a guide?

Mild to wild, I can easily adjust to your desires.

How long and Why/How did you start working at Ocoee Inn Rafting?

1991, I was bored as a lifeguard and had a friend’s older brother working at Ocoee Inn (Richbo) who had taken me down once. My second trip down was as a trainee.

What do you love about Ocoee Inn Rafting?

The high-quality standards of the guides and staff along with the family atmosphere keeps me hanging on, year after year after year.

What makes you unique as a guide and why would I request you?

I am a true water lover and river rat. I have also guided on rivers in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, kayaked whitewater rivers throughout the East. Fished slow and fast rivers nationwide along with worked on complex hydropower issues nationwide as a Fishery Biologist.

Do you have anything to tell first-time rafters?

When you fall out….haha just kidding.

Where did you grow up? If not locally, what brought you here?

Local yokel but spent a nearly a decade in Washington, DC and traveled throughout the nation (working on rivers).

What does your off season look like?

Lots of fishing and even more pickleball, plus spending lots of quality time with my 3 kids and wonderful wife.

What are your hobbies?

Fishing, if I didn’t guide rafting trips I would be a fishing guide. I also run a local Pickleball league and play in many tournaments throughout the year. I also enjoy cooking and gardening, plus anything outdoors. But I especially enjoy spending time with my kids and watching their sporting endeavors.

Blake Condo
Blake Condo